Sitting at your office chair for hours on end can be both uncomfortable and damaging to your body if your seat doesn’t offer the proper support. But you can take comfort in knowing you can kiss the pain goodbye, by simply using a supportive, properly adjusted ergonomic chair.
Why should I get an ergonomic chair?

The word “ergonomics” comes from two Greek words “ergon”, which means work, and “nomos” which means law. When it comes to laws of work today more employers embrace the idea of designing jobs to fit employees instead of the other way around. This means making the office setting as comfortable as possible… including your chair! That’s because if your office chair isn’t offering the proper support you may go home at the end of the day feeling tense and in pain. Over time, these effects can get even worse and may lead to back problems, hand and wrist problems and neck pain. An ergonomic chair can help eliminate pain and discomfort because they are designed with body mechanics in mind unlike older, traditional chairs.

What are my options?

There are many ergonomic chair options for you to choose from depending on your needs, preferences, and your budget:


If you would like to give an ergonomic chair a try, but don’t want to invest a lot, the Eurotech 4X4SL Ergonomic Task Chair with seat slider is an excellent option. The Eurotech 4X4SL features ergonomic contour molded cushions as well as lumbar support to make your sitting time as comfortable as possible. To adjust the chair to your liking, it features pneumatic height adjustment, an adjustable height back, sliding seat, and one feature that really sets it apart… seat and back angle adjustment with infinite lock, which allows you to set the angle in an infinite number of positions. It also has an articulating seat and back, swivel tilt with tension control, and height and width adjustable arms. Plus, if you will be using your chair on uncarpeted surfaces, soft wheel casters are also available. The Eurotech 4X4SL has a weight rating of 250 pounds and is available in 4 colors: black, burgundy, charcoal, and navy. All of these features make it a great choice for your office and one which won’t require a major investment.

The Eurotech chair is manufactured by Raynor Office Chairs and has a warranty that covers all components for the life of the product with the exception of upholstery and foam, which is warrantied for five years.


If you are able to invest a little more to get some more bells and whistles on your ergonomic chair, then you should consider the Raynor Ergohuman Mesh Chair with leather seat. This chair is available with a high back and headrest or a mid-back without a headrest. These chairs feature soft, form fitting, breathable mesh and an executive level leather seat. Both chairs are rated for 250 pounds and feature pneumatic seat height adjustment, 3 position tilt lock with tension control, adjustable lumbar support, arm pivot/height adjustments, back angle/height adjustment, seat depth adjustment and synchro-tilt which allows you to recline while keeping your seat nearly level to the floor.

When deciding between the chairs you will want to take your height into consideration. If you are under 5’2” or over 6’5” tall it is recommended that you choose the chair without a headrest, as the headrest may not be able to adjust to your liking. It is important to note that the headrest is not removable but can be adjusted by height and tilt.

One of the best parts of the Ergohuman chairs is that they are eco-friendly: 97% of their materials can be recycled! As with the Eurotech 4X4 SL, the Ergohuman’s components are warrantied for life and the upholstery and foam have a 5 year warranty through Raynor.


If you want the top of the line when it comes to ergonomic office seating, the Nightingale CXO Mid Back Mesh Office Chair with Headrest is hard to beat. This chair features a flexible dual ABLEX™ patterned weave mesh back. This provides support and allows air to pass freely, making it comfortable in all climates. The seat, lumbar and headrest are made of breathable 4 way stretch-knit fabric for improved circulation. Plus the seat foam is made of energy absorbing dual density ENERSORB™, which conforms to your body when you sit. It also displaces your weight ergonomically to improve blood circulation and relieve pressure. The seat also has what is called a waterfall design, which means it gently slopes away from the legs, minimizing pressure on the thighs.